Katecheta 1/2011
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A jak tam twoje dzieci? Porozmawiajmy o wychowaniu
Guy Gilbert
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ks. Andrzej Kiciński
Individual Catechetical Program for persons with intellectual disability and autism.Case study Abstract. The revised core curriculum of catechesis of the Catholic Chrurch in Poland introduces the principle on the need to create Individual Catechetical Programs for persons with intellectual disability. This is due to their specific development and experience of the Church in conducting them on the road of faith. According to the revised core curriculum catechists from schools for people with intellectual disability work on individual programs developed annually. The article is an implementation of these indications and has been developed for pupils with moderate intellectual disability and autism. It has been prepared with particular attention to all the tasks of catechesis which are ways to achieve the basic objectives of catechesis. Serve primarily to accompany each student in establishing an autentic dialogue with God. Key words: Individual Catechetical Program, moderate intellectual disability, autism, teaching religion in school, parish catechesis
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