Anna Zellma
ANNA ZELLMA, AN EDUCATIONAL PROJECT IN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL AS A METHODOLOGICAL CHALLENGE FOR A RELIGION TEACHERSłowa kluczowe: projekt edukacyjny, nauczyciel religii, gimnazjum, nauczanie religii, młodzież, lekcje religiiKey words: educational project, religion teacher, junior high school, teaching religion, pupils, religion classesAbstract. The successive program reform of general education that has been introduced in the school year 2009/2010 in junior high school assumes the implementation of educational projects in students teams. These projects can be accomplished by students during school lessons, also during religion classes. The aim of this article is to answer this question: what can and should be done by a religion teacher as regards using the chance of offeringteenagers the topics to elaborate in the form of educational projects. That is why, firstly, the term educational project is precisely defined. Next, the theoretical foundations of educational projects in junior high school are presented. After that, the structure of well planned and realized educational project, its characteristics and didactic and educational features in teaching religion, in the light of binding documents and guidelines of Ministry of Education and elaborations interpreting the educational law, are described. Finally, practical tipsdefining challenges that a religion teacher faces in connection with implementing projects are given.
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