Katecheta 7-8/2012
Katecheta 7-8/2012
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Bardzo krótkie rozmowy o bardzo ważnych sprawach cz. II Modlitwa, płyta dvd + materiały pomocnicze
Filmy: o. Leonard Bielecki i o. Franciszek Chodkowski, Tekst: ks. Jacek Zjawin
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ks. Radosław Chałupniak
Radosław Chałupniak:Catechesis for transmit and education of faith. New evangelisation in the (new) catechesisAbstract. Catechesis in Poland is now getting on intensity and it is gradually becoming a fundamental base for catechetical work in many settings. There is bringing up the Church, which is prepared for a evangelization ad extra., but also for a new evangelization ad intra. When we speak about new evangelisation in the (new) catechesis, it is necessary to focus on spiritual renewal so that we can enter in a sincere way in a contact with the living God, and then more clearly witness about God's love to a person and in the newness of spirit transmit the faith to our contemporaries. These two tasks: internal renewal and newness of evangelizing are the main horizon of the catechetical program. For the area of the catechesis it means to deepen the catechization in its basic settings such as: family, parish, school, religious groups, media, and not only quantitatively but most of all qualitatively.Key words: catechesis, new evangelization, religious education, school, parish, religious groups
Kazimierz Misiaszek SDB
KAZMIERZ MISIASZEK SDB: EVANGELISTIC PRIORITY Abstract. In the process of evangelisation there is a need for appropriate understanding of the situation in which the Church lives. This involves the Church itself and its previous lifestyle and activities. The Church, while undertaking evangelism, must show the sense and meaning of the Good News about the salvation first of all. The essential thing is to persuade modern people to take interest in the Gospel and its understanding of life. In the first position the Church should evangelize families. It is the basic condition to achieve evangelisation aims. In the family evangelisation there is a strong need to search for methods and forms that can help a family recover its identity. This includes a family as peoples first place of life and development and a family as the house Church.Key words: evangelisation, family, family key role in evangelization, help for the family, understanding of the situation, interpretation, vital meaning of the salvation message
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