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As though they caught a broken clue;

Apparition is then of a monstertask, in a policy carving new

The river that reflective flows:

to run in a stream:

The world shall know itself and where it stands;

Ashine with the light of the doing of right:at the gates of the

The grasses one vast underhum.

Can an enemy wither his cheer?Not you, ye fair yellowflowering

That her sons over seas in a rally of praise may behold a thrice

The blotting cloud a dappled pack,

to run in a stream:

To see Life's formless offspring and subdue

Across her sky he laid his hand;

The bitten buds dared not unfold:

And there did fog down crypts of street

swallow the passions,

Who join with your lords to jar the chords of a bosom heroic, and

A burly joy each creature swells

When they do meet, it is our earth inspired.

Her shivering Spring feigned fast asleep,

The heavens are out in fleeces,

Not the less is he nerved with the Labourer's resolute hope:that

Whatever simple lives renew

The world shall know itself and where it stands;

Desire of times unripe, we have these two,

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